About us. Prime Impact

Prime Pitch has initiated a socially engaged platform for direct impact on people and society:

Prime Impact

After years of challenges and growth of the company, a valuable platform has now emerged. A platform in which a group of investors is offered an attractive return from investments in real estate. This return is primarily financial in nature. Now that Prime Pitch record has proven to be able to exist and to realize successful growth with a solid track, the need arises to look at more than just financial returns and to contribute more to people and society. Prime Impact arose from that need. Prime Impact is funded from Prime Pitch's profits and from direct donations from its clients, mostly wealthy families. Furthermore, anyone can donate to Prime Impact. No matter how small or large your contribution, all donations benefit the projects and initiatives of the foundation. The foundation has an Dutch ANBI status (currently pending) and no overhead expenses. You can donate here.

> www.primeimpact.nl