About us. Our story

Prime Pitch was founded in the summer of 2009, in the aftermath of the financial crisis, by Rutger Nooij. Not long after it was founded, Sjoerd van der Zandt joined the company. At the time, Prime Pitch was little more than an idea. There were no clients, no investments, no transactions, and there was no turnover. The idea at the time consisted of advising real estate investors in dire straits and performing asset management for third parties. In addition, there was also the idea of ​​acquiring real estate investments and managing them for investors. In the first year, the activities consisted of a few consultancy assignments: a portfolio analysis was carried out for Generali Vastgoed and an analysis was carried out of the commercial real estate portfolio with recommendations for asset management for a housing corporation. Prime Pitch was subsequently hired by Generali for transaction management for the purchase of the 'Raaks' shopping area in Haarlem. Several project-based activities, such as restructuring real estate funds in difficult times, did not yield the desired result. In addition, we were looking for more continuity in turnover.

The acquisition of another asset manager seemed like a good idea in the autumn of 2011: an existing platform with existing assets would immediately provide stable revenue and put the company firmly on the map. The management buy-in was initiated in full force: full commitment for the takeover was realized among investors in a short period of time. However, what should have been a short and intensive takeover process, turned into a lengthy and uncertain procedure, which ended in deception. Due to changing market conditions, the necessary approval for the acquisition was postponed and ultimately not obtained. At the end of 2012, it became clear that the acquisition of the asset manager was not going ahead, with significant negative consequences for Prime Pitch.


The management of Prime Pitch pulled out all the stops. In a few weeks, a purchase of a mixed-use real estate investment in Rostock was agreed upon and we structured a fund for it. A few investor trips to Northeast Germany and the necessary commitments later, the purchase could be completed in the summer of 2013. All creditors were paid, and Prime Pitch's first fund was a fact: 17,000 sqm of retail, office, parking and healthcare real estate on the water, near the center of Rostock, was Prime Pitch's first investment under its own label. Meanwhile, Prime Pitch had taken over the asset management of the Ridderduin retail portfolio. A second fund followed in 2014, with healthcare real estate in Brandenburg: an extremely predictable cash flow in a market with strong user and investor demand. A year later, Prime Pitch made the first purchase of a housing complex in the Netherlands: a newly built student complex was purchased in the center of Breda for a new fund. This further ensured the continuity of the company. Several housing complexes in the Netherlands were to follow, but a few purchases were also made in Germany. For a single family fund we bought an apartment complex in Dinslaken and a nursing home near Munich.

The investments of the Prime Pitch funds are characterized by stable and predictable cash flows in markets with strong user demand. The emphasis is on housing and healthcare, with possible combinations with retail.

Due to the further growth of the portfolios managed by Prime Pitch from 2019 onwards, an expansion of the asset management team was necessary. The team has expanded in 2020 and 2021 and currently consists of four people.

The first investment in Rostock was very successfully sold to an institutional investor in 2020, after almost 8 years. The residential complex in Breda has only been owned for four years, when a successful exit could be realized. The nursing home in Brandenburg was also sold at the end of 2021 to an international institutional investor. For these three sales, the realized returns for our investors were (well) above expectations.

We are constantly looking for suitable investments for our investors. The real estate market is constantly changing, and we adapt to this as good as possible. But no matter how market conditions, macroeconomic conditions, laws, regulations and risk perceptions change, every investment decision for us starts with bricks and mortar, the building. Hence: Solid as a brick.

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